Help AlpFoodWay, GREENCYCLE, SmartVillages and YOUrALPS become a RegioStar!

We are proud to announce you that four of ourprojects are participating in the RegioStars awards 2020, the annual European Commission competition rewarding excellence and new approaches in regional development. Find below our four selected projects, AlpFoodWay, GREENCYCLE, SmartVillages and YOUrALPS. Give them a like and help them win the public choice award or even become a RegioStar!


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The four projects are competing in the following categories:

  • AlpFoodWay focuses on Alpine food heritage safeguard and runs for the award in category 1 “Industrial transition for a Smart Europe” ;

  • GREENCYCLE is a contestant in category 2 “ Circular economy for a green Europe”, for its efforts on fostering circular economy in the Alpine Area ;

  • SmartVillages focuses on smart solutions to improve well-living in the Alpine region and runs for the award in category 3 “ Skills & Education for a digital Europe”.

  • YOUrALPS is a contestant in Interreg 30th anniversary category  “Youth empowerment for cooperation across borders”, for its efforts on liking young generation with the Alpine identity.